How many solo car trips can you replace with walking, bicycling, carpooling, or taking the bus?

Join our friendly competition to earn prizes and fame for burning calories, saving CO2, and going car free or car lite.

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Stats for All Participants
May 26th to June 26th
Calories Burned: 30,104
Carbon Savings (lbs): 542
Trips Taken: 58
Miles Traveled: 572
Calories Burned: 3,829,173
Carbon Savings (lbs): 86,226
Trips Taken: 7,300
Miles Traveled: 90,959
Calories Burned: 25,654,125
Carbon Savings (lbs): 513,786
Trips Taken: 46,838
Miles Traveled: 541,991


May is Bike Month!

Celebrate and sample Kansas City’s diverse and vibrant bike community. Visit for a full list of events around the metro area.